TIME RECOVERY, removing even the bad memories of skin
Bifida Time Recovery Mask + Eye Cream

Solution for your skin problems.
'Dr. Medics'

Through BIFIDA fermentation science by CLR,
the originator of BIFIDA fermentation technology in the world,
it improves and firms up your skin
that you will feel like you have regained time.

Dr Medix
Dr.H Prescription

Skin cosmetics with high-quality know-hows
by the researchers
of Hankook Cosmetics

Dr. Medics is for everyone that has skin concerns.
A medical cosmetics brand created through the researches of
cosmetic specialists of Hankook Cosmetics,
it suggests healthy skin solutions
that solves your skin concerns by studying your skin.

Doctors are specialize on researching cosmetics.

Cosmetic doctors of Hankook Cosmetics, "Dr. H" Story
Researches at Hankook Cosmetics that focused on one goal only
to realize healthy beauty since 1962 strive to bring health
and beauty through the best possible prescription.

Researching endlessly for the skin.

Researchers at Hankook Cosmetics study
to maintain beautiful skin through in-depth study
about skin concerns.

Researching endlessly for good prescription.

We study to embrace effective solutions for each skin type
through good ingredients and best prescription based
on the core know-hows of long-term research.

The best prescription by Dr. Medics,
created through endless research

It contains real BIFIDA.
With BIFIDA (Repair control PF) by Germany's CLR,
the originator of BIFIDA established in 1926,
it concentrates on skincare.
It contains adenosine and niacinamide
that firm up and brighten skin.
Natural Protector
7 natural protectors calms skin
that is irritated from external environment
(Patent No. 10-0910747)
Amino Grain-7
7 kinds of extracts that contain
amino acids provide nutrition to skin,
maintains moisture and keeps skin soft
as natural moisturizing ingredient.
Bifida Time Recovery Mask + Eye Cream